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Guild Policies
About Apatheia:

Apatheia is a progression-minded flex raiding group. We strive to meet the fine balance between pushing for success in each tier's normal and heroic modes while maintaining a friendly, helpful guild and raid environment.

Guild Ranks / Roles:
Rank           Members  Purpose
Guild Leader Mana Final say in decisions and leadership of guild
Officers Frawda Work together to maintain guild success
Raiders Focused on raiding / progression
Applicants New players to the guild interested in becoming
Raiders. This is a trial level that lasts long
enough to make sure that the Applicant and
Apatheia are good matches for one another
Members Our friends and family that may not be
interested in raiding, but enjoy the social
aspects of the guild

Raid Nights:

Our current raid nights are:
  • Wednesdays @ 8:30 pm - Midnight EST
  • Sundays @ 8:30 pm - Midnight EST
Raiders / Applicants are expected to be online and ready to go by 8:10 pm EST on raid nights unless they have already spoken with an officer about being late/missing the raid.

A short break (about 10 minutes) is given sometime around 10:00 pm EST to provide for beverage refills, snacks, and restroom needs.


All Players in the Guild:
  • Are responsible for their actions. Be civil and help one another.
  • Are responsible for the actions of friends/family they invite. Apatheia does not welcome drama (in guild, trade chat, or in other game aspects).
  • Should help us recruit. If you know of friends or family interested in raiding or group up with a high quality player, mention our guild or point them towards an officer.

Raiders / Applicants:
  • Should strive to do their best in raids. Do some class research, know boss mechanics, switch talents between fights, ask for help from others, and don't be defensive if constructive criticism is offered.
  • Admit mistakes and learn from them. We all make mistakes, stand in something we shouldn't, have a fail day, dive off a cliff, etc. If you make a mistake, admit it and fix it for the next attempt. Nobody is going to yell at you for a mistake that you own up to and correct.
  • Be present for all raids unless you notify an officer otherwise. Be courteous to your fellow raiders and let an officer know if you can't make a given raid night (at least 24 hours advanced notice appreciated). Being present means online 20 minutes before raid time and ready to go (repaired, flasks/potions at the ready, mentally awake, etc.). Being present means not leaving the keyboard without notifying an officer beforehand and returning from breaks by the appointed time as well.

  • Will always do what is best for the guild. Sometimes that means ending a raid early, cancelling a raid, switching bosses, trying a different strategy, asking someone to switch specs, or other decision. Understand such actions or requests are thought through. If you disagree with a decision, you should whisper an officer in private to let them know, but for the sake of your fellow guild mates proceed forward with the decision and direction given for that moment.
  • Will deal with drama. Nobody likes the Drama Llama. If you have a conflict, first try to deal with the person directly in a rational and calm manner. If your conflict cannot be resolved to mutual satisfaction, let an officer know about the problem and allow them to mediate or assist as needed. And know that not everything will be resolved to your level of satisfaction (remember, officers must evaluate everything based on what is best for the guild).
  • Will focus on progression. The raiding vision of Apatheia is progression. Progression takes the forms of improving player iLevels, downing a new boss, and testing strategies. Even if a choice is made to progress in a way that is different from what you envisioned for the night, remember that we are all a team and the progression method for any given raid is what is going to benefit the team the most.


Raid loot is currently distributed via Personal Loot. Thus, Applicants have the same chance as everyone else at obtaining needed upgrades. With the upcoming 7.0 patch, duplicate items won via Personal Loot can be traded. Please help your guild mates by offering duplicate Personal Loot via Raid Chat to anyone who may have need of it.


If you have unused crafting materials, please consider donating them to the guild bank.

Unused herbs, cooking supplies, and enchanting materials are particularly helpful in supplying our Raiders/Applicants with the Potions, Elixirs, Flasks, Feasts, and Enchants that help make our progression successful.